What to wear?

I was invited to a work do recently and partners were invited.  I was really pleased, as I had been wanting my partner to meet my work colleagues for a while.  Princess asked me do you have a preference if I dress as a girl or a guy?  I genuinely had no preference either way.  I said, ‘I love you whatever you wear, I am proud of you whatever you wear, wear whatever you are comfortable wearing when it comes to the night.’  As I was waiting outside the restaurant for Princess, and I saw him walking towards me, he was dressed in a shirt, jeans, blazer, etc.  I wasn’t dissapointed that he had not dressed as a girl, I wasn’t glad or relieved that he had dressed as a guy.  I was just glad that my partner and I were going to enjoy an evening out with my friends.  I would be interested if they were dissapointed, knowing that Princess is transgender and there may be an element of curiosity on thier part.  I’ll let you know if any of them comment….

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