A few of my favourite things..

 I never find the toilet set up (although I’ve never uderstood why some women get so annoyed about this?).  I probably have to share the mirror more than most women, but I love getting ready for a night out and we are both doing our make-up at the same time.  I have my very own Gok Wan, who I can get a geunie and trusted opinion of how I look before I leave the house.  She has her own handbag, so I don’t have to fill mine with all those things boyfriends try and palm off in yours, because they only have pockets.  We went away this weekend I only took ballet pumps as it was sunny when we left, but rained when we got there and I could wear her boots (because she had been more sensible than me).  I could go on….

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2 Responses to A few of my favourite things..

  1. Nay says:

    I love the getting ready with my partner, especially now she is more confident. I love the fact that we share clothes, but she has size 10 feet and mine are a 4- so shoe sharing wouldn’t work. I love the way she will pick out an outfit for me because she knows it will look good on me, without a trace of being controlling.
    I hate tripping over stilettos in the bedroom, and finding my leg razor has been used for legs much hairier than mine.
    I love the way he goes shopping with our baby and comes back with clothes and treats for me as well as for himself.
    I love my partner.

  2. Davina Legs says:

    The hidden advantages of having a crossdressing partner – i have a list of 40 odd on my blog – dont mean odd as odd lol

    My wife is enjoying the advantages although she sometimes doesnt realise its my so called fem side advising her on dressing and makeup etc… and im a polite man so gererally open doors for women (anyone in fact) n definately leave the toilet seat down… nothing to do with being a crossdresser just polite with a good upbringing lol


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