Different shades of normal

I don’t believe in the concept of ‘normal’ I prefer ‘natural’.  And yet I don’t think any of us can get away from using the term normal.

Just by the very nature of my relationship, I have cast myself out into the fringes of society.  But in many ways I am very conventional; I work 9-5, I pay my mortgage, I tick a lot of the ‘normal’ boxes.  But I do love that I can shock.  There is a side of me that loves telling someone new, that I am in a trans relationship, because every time I get the chance to challenge people’s perceptions, to question what’s ‘normal’.  I live my life in the way that feels ‘natural’ to me and therefore while normal to me, I think it is fair to say others see it as extraordinary.

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1 Response to Different shades of normal

  1. Davina Legs says:

    Everyone i know would percieve me as a normal alpha male husband and father and would definately call me mr average (tho i excel in most things) but no one would ever consider that to unwind from the percieved normalness and stress of work and alpha maleness that i crossdress and whats more my wife knows and is ok with it… so id say normal doesnt exist.

    My wife however wouldnt dream of committing to telling anyone that shes in a trans relationship – scared by society perception of what being or being married to a crossdresser means…

    One day the world will see through the percievements (if thats a word)

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