Thanks for listening

Firstly I have been looking at my statistics and I can see that people are coming onto my blog and reading my musings.  I just wanted to say thanks.  I shall try and add blogs more regularly in the future, to show my gratitude.  I would love to know if there is anything in particular you would like to see on my blog, any questions you have, any opinions etc?

So, onto today’s topic…  How many times have you heard women complaint about their male partners; ‘he doesn’t understand me,’ ‘he doesn’t listen to me,’ ‘he doesn’t pay attention to me.’   I can’t speak for all women who have trans partners, I only know my experience with my current partner and I have never experienced feeling any of the above, during our relationship.

There is a theory that says trans women have something called left ear advantage (LEA).  My understanding of it, is that women have more balanced hearing between left and right ears.  Trans women’s hearing is more like women’s, i.e. women are arguably better at communicating.  Hey, I said arguably!  : )

Princess is very good at listening.  I don’t know if LEA has anything to do with it.  But I have regular examples which I find touching, about the level at which she really, does listen.  They may seem silly but I will give you some examples;  We had some friends due to come to us for dinner.  I was going to be at work all day and a few days before, I asked Princess if she could  generally tidy the flat up during that day.  I particularly sited the bathroom.  Call me fussy but I have a thing about guests using a clean bathroom.  When I came home everything was tidy and clean, but she had been very thorough with the bathroom, specifically. 

On the odd occasion when I think that she might not be listening to me, she proves every time she has heard every word I’ve said.  Sometimes referencing a conversation, which even I don’t remember! 

Tonight I am not feeling myself, no justified reason I can put my finger on, I am just having a blip and feeling a bit low.  She has noticed and commented in a caring way.

In these and so many other little ways, she shows me a level of respect that I have not experienced in a relationship before.  I believe and hope that I show her the same.  It is this kind of bedrock of the relationship that is so satisfying.  This is not unique to a trans relationship, but I can’t help think that it has something to do with it, as her mind seems to just work that closer to a woman’s.

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  1. Davina Legs says:

    Im not so sure its trans related as like most blokes my mind is on football and rugby and ….sex… every 6 seconds apparently… but im also very in tune with my wife and her feelings… shes not as in tune with mine – i guess shes lucky lol – but seriously soul mates is something i believe in and shes definately mine …sounds like you and Princess are the same – on the same wavelength – 18 years together here and still very much in tune and in love (even with dropping the crossdressing bombshell on her 2 years into marriage)

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