Are trans like royalty?

I was listening to one of the many programmes on Will’s and Kate getting married.   As the debate gets going on what we are all to call Kate, Katherine, etc, etc the reporter mentioned Will’s and Kate use pet names for one another in private.  It got me thinking, they must have to have a whole different life in private to in public, which is what many trans couples experience.

I know I could not give up my freedom in this way and its why I am so glad that my Princess has only one name that I use, whether she is presenting as male or female. 

However there is one exception, out of respect for Princess’s family, at the moment I call her by her male birth name in their presence.  This is the unspoken acceptable behaviour. 

Just think for a minute, can you imagine having to sensor yourself in this way?  How many of you do sensor yourselves everyday for other reasons?

Pppssst, come closer, I want to tell you a secret…you don’t have to.  Wake up tomorrow and promise yourself just one way in which you are not going to conform or do as is expected of you and tell me, how free does it make you feel at the end of the day?

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