Every woman needs a trans girl

I read an article in a magazine this week which talked about a new breed of man for the naughties, called D.E.N.N.I.S – Domesticated, Emotional, Nurturing, Nice, Intelligent, Softie.  According to the article he is perfect boyfriend material and every woman needs one.

I don’t think the title Dennis does their description any justice however, as the article does go on to talk about behaviours such as him being  supportive, caring and respectful and not afraid to talk openly.

Now this may sound a little judgemental, especially coming from me of all people, but this description sounds just a little sickening doesn’t it?  I mean, softie has a negative connotation in my mind.  It got me to thinking, women don’t need a Dennis, they need a Princess. 

Some women may want a man to be a man and that is what is great for me about my relationship, I do have a man, who is very masculine, strong, and an amazing lover, who will pick me up and hold me when I fall.  But I absolutely have the best of both worlds because I have a girlfriend, who I can enjoy shopping with,  I can go out on girls nights with, someone who doesn’t mind about how much time I take getting ready or in the bathroom, she understands all the things women do to make ourselves look good, because she does them too, someone who sympathises when I get emotional for no good reason and who has tidied the flat and done the washing up when I get home from work.

We have a massive amount of respect and honesty between us.  We both have our own interests and pursuits, we both give the other person freedom without condition or expectation to be the best they can be.  We are both proud of the other for their achievements; my: singing lessons, writing the book, this blog.  Her: performing stand up comedy, building a business and not being afraid to step out into the world presenting confidently as herself/ himself, not caring what others think.

Couldn’t we all do with a partner like this in our lives?

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1 Response to Every woman needs a trans girl

  1. Davina Legs says:

    D.E.N.N.I.S – Domesticated – modern man seems to be more domesticated shaking off the this is womens work and thats mans “women know your place…. bring me my pipe and slippers and my dinner” etc – equality has come a hell of a long way since the 1920s, Emotional – hmmm not so sure about this as the most emotion i “show” is when my football or rugby team score a goal or try – i tend to hide emotion – meet joe black and even watership down may bring me close to tears with the theme of losing someone but i never show it – although i did cry to my wifes amazement watching a rerun of the film of hilsborough documenting the tradgedy in which 96 Liverpool fans never returned from Hillsborough and listeneing to the words of the song anfield road which they released on the 25th anniversary, Nurturing – again go back to the 1920s and sooner and fathers werent all coo coo with their babys and childern – this is where i really shocked my wife when we had kids and she realised how different i was with our kids than id been with other peoples kids , Nice – Well nice / polite / caring something i was brought up to be and Intelligent again upbringing and want of being educated to get a degree and a good job to support the wife and family i wanted in my “life plan”, Softie – i dont even associate with this despite crossdressing as im a gung ho alpha male who doesnt take any messing but there is a definate modern man out there and theyre not on dating sites as theyre all snapped up by nice women…

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