Into the looking glass

Assuming you are reading this and you are happy with the gender you were assigned at birth I am going to ask you to do an activity for me.  Imagine you wake up tomorrow and you look in the mirror and (if you are a woman), what you see staring back at you is a bald head, stubble on your face, a protruding adams apple, chest hair, in fact all over body hair and a penis.  Or (if you are man), you see smooth skin, you are shorter, you have breasts.  In my view one of you comes off better but I am bias and I am making light of the assumption that men’s initial answer might be, ‘result’! 

Seriously though, how would you feel, what would you think; disgust, repulsed, panic, fear?   Imagine you cannot change, what would you do, how would you dress.  How would you explain it to loved ones and friends, or would you stay silent and try and deal with yourself, knowing this was something taboo.

This is possibly what it is like every day of their lives for anyone who is not happy with the gender they were assigned at birth.  I say possibly because I can’t even really begin to imagine what it feels like, because I am very happy being a woman. 

Of course it is not a sudden as overnight, they know from a very young age something is not right.  I am simply trying to shock you just to give you a glimpse of what it might be like to live the life of someone trans.

Our gender is one of many facets which makes up who we are as a person, it is fundamental.  For anyone who is happy with their gender it is very difficult to understand why someone would want to change.  But the point is they are not trying to change, they are trying to correct what must seem like a hideous, cruel mistake of nature and find some place of comfort in presenting to the world what they feel inside but is not obvious to others.

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2 Responses to Into the looking glass

  1. nathalie says:

    I woke up , and looked into the mirror….
    I saw a familiar person, but yet strangely being a true woman in all physical assets !
    That day, I would kiss the mirror . And then I would adore every second of that day , wishing I would never wake up 😉

  2. Davina Legs says:

    Heres where the spectrum of trans comes into play – as ive mentioned before alpha male to crossdresser when i feel the urge and the need sometimes to escape and unwind – yet i prefer being a man…

    Ok i wake up and get out of bed feeling different walk naked past the mirror – double take “oh my i have real breasts how did that happen i men i know ive stopped playing rugby and not as fit as i was but DD moobs – hang on theyre real boobs and i have real ong blonde hair and hey wheres my ‘thing gone'”

    initially it would think wow what a vivid dream this is and probably as im a man in a now womans body explore my body but ill skip that – eventually though id think oh my god no im a man and now i have a womans body … my wife and kids and friends and fellow football and rugby team mates how will i play 5 a side football again… nah sorry i prefer being a guy and heres the spectrum of gender – prefer being a guy but enjoy the escapism of crossdressing and trying to look like a woman but always happy to defem back to macho man me 🙂

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