A few weeks ago it was Nicci’s birthday.  I was determined to make a weekend of it as her birthday fell on a Sunday.  So we started on Saturday evening by going to the theatre, my present to my beautiful girl.  ‘What did we go and see?,’ Flash Dance.  It was fantastic, absolutely brilliant.  If you think you might ever go and see it look away now, as I might spoil it for you, yes they do the scene with the water.  Now I didn’t know about this scene because I had never seen the film Flash Dance, yes, yes I know, where was I in the 80’s?, living in a cave, etc, etc?  I just missed out, ok.  I was a big fan of Dirty Dancing, still am truth be told, loved Fame.  Anyway, great girly fun night.

Sunday morning, Nicci’s actual birthday was a perfect lazy Sunday morning.  Around midday we started to get ready.  I love getting ready to go out with Nicci, we are both busy blow drying hair, applying make-up, usually with some music on loud in the background.  So both dolled up we made our way to the local Chinese to meet 11 friends.  Nicci was spoiled with jewellery, smellies, even a cocktail glass adorned with shoes and handbags in crystal.  The best present was of course from me, well shared actually.  A friend of Nicci’s and I went halves on a dress she fell in love with from Monsoon, so far too expensive for me to buy on my own as well as the theatre tickets, but it was beautiful and as my baby held it up everyone oh and ah’ed.  She turned to me as the others carried on their conversations and lovingly thanked me.   A good time had by all.

When we got home she couldn’t wait to try it on and loved it.

I know that we are lucky.  Lucky to have such amazing friends who simply accept Nicci for who she is without question, not only without question but also buy her female presents, naturally.  The table included non trans and trans friends.  Those who were non trans also accepted our trans friends without question, using ‘she’ and ‘you ladies’, without batting an eye lid, because they are women as far as I am concerned, but also apparently to our amazingly open minded friends, who clearly love and think very highly of my gorgeous girl.

A very big thank you all, what better time of year to thank loved ones, thank you all for being you, you know who you are


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