choose life

What stops your life from being great? What risks have you taken?  Do you reach for dreams or are your dreams just empty promises to yourself or worse someone you love, disguised as “one day”. 

Do you give unconditionally, do you give and expect nothing in return, do you give just for how good it feels to give.  In other words do you allow yourself to be open and vulnerable to others in the face of an unknown outcome?  Do you believe in the fundamental good and beauty in humanity and nature?

Any action involves a decision; I believe that decision comes from fear or love.  I believe that all too often we miss the great, by settling for the good.  Great is easy to find if you have the right view finder, it is there in front of you, all around you, in many hundred little things, every day all for the enjoying and taking.  But they have to be taken, with both hands and an open heart.

Don’t live your life in fear, live your life loving.

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