Here comes the science bit

Strictly speaking, Cyber science.  I have got all technical this week, which is a big feat for me as you know I am a techno luddite.

I have added links to other sites which you might find of interest if you are looking for support;  For a chat on a forum I’d recommend tvchix  – you might even catch me there as ‘ellerg’, or GIRES if you are looking for some real science and also more support on trans issues.

You can now opt into an email subscription so that whenever I add a new post, you will be sure not to miss it.

But most exciting of all…drum roll please… I have put a video blog on youtube this week.  Although apparently I am told by Princess, who is more in the know than me, some people call it a vlog?!

Enjoy and be sure to let me know if you would like to see more vlogs?

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