A little bit of give and take

As you may have noticed I have been away, while Princess was filling in for me, I apologise for a little disruption to the normal service.  I went to USA to visit family and had a fantastic holiday, courtesy of a rather generous present from Princess. 

I read an entry on a forum today which rang true to my past relationship.  There needs to be a little give and take in all relationships, like Princess treating me to my trip.  But I know from experience that some trans girls get so wrapped up in indulging in cross dressing [if transvestites] that partners can be left wanting, or even left behind.

If you are a trans girl who is lucky enough to have found a partner who accepts you for who you are, don’t take her for granted.  My partner for years continually took my support of her being trans for granted. Like all aspects of your relationship you have to work together at this aspect too.  I know that for some, having a partner accept them being trans may be the first time they have been able to express this side of themselves uninhibited, there is an element of ‘kid in a candy’ store.  It is easy to forget that your partner needs to feel beautiful and feminine and physically loved within the relationship as a woman as much as the trans person might.

I often bought my ex-partner female clothes and make up and shoes and encouraged her to build her wardrobe.  In return I felt inhibited when shopping as my partner was jealous that she could not shop as freely as other women [she was very much in the closet].  I felt guilty spending any time trying clothes on.  In the bedroom my partner became more interested in obtaining the feeling of being a woman, than giving me any sexual pleasure and towards the end of our relationship showed me very little affection at all, such became the obsession with fantasy.

I have read comments from some of you of who enjoy your relationship with your trans partner as much as I do now.  Share clothes and accessories where you can, shop together, choose and recommend clothes for one another, both treat one another once in a while to a feminine present, and both enjoy feeling like the woman in the bedroom.  In short enjoy all the benefits this type of relationship can reward you both with. 

If you have found a partner who is accepting of you being trans, celebrate it, enjoy it together, let it enhance your relationship.

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1 Response to A little bit of give and take

  1. Davina Legs says:

    im thinking back to the night i told my wife i was a crossdresser she cried, asked if i was gay, did i want to be a woman, why why why and was it her fault …..no no no no no no no i dont know……it was 2 years into marriage and 5 into our relationship and 8 years later after various levels of acceptance and lots of soul searching and talking we have some sort of understanding and acceptance of crossdressing being something i do to help me escape and unwind…. however throughout the various stages of acceptance ive never taken my eye off the ball that this is out of the norm and i did plonk this on her and i have to also look after her, not flaunt Davina at and around her, not keep on about crossdressing and constantly remind her and always reassure her and be the man she married…. i feel that i shouldnt spend too much money on Davina so hand me downs are my main source of clothing but i do occassionally see something and say to my wife i like those shoes … yes they are nice have they got my size…. theyve got them in an 8 “oh i see you want them lol ok” and thats amazing for me but i also say get a pair for yourself too – or sometimes i’ll get them myself and give the cashier a laugh as she tries to embarass me but i usually say yes theyre for me but i doubt they believe me… back to the point for any crossdressers or trans girls who have acceptance dont take your other halves for granted and dont rush things and dont push this on your loved ones take your time and talk a lot…. my wifes also benefitted from borrowing my clothes which is a novelty

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