Blurring the boundaries

David Bowie, Boy George and now Andrej Pejic’s – not heard of him?  He is just another in a line of beautiful men who look annoying drop dead gorgeous in make-up.  Andrej is the latest ‘tool’ in the fashion world’s armoury.  I say ‘he’ because as far as I know he is not trans, but he is beautiful.

This beauty has sparked some debate.  I am aware that some women are offended by drag artists as entertainment which they feel is at the expense of mocking women.  This can and I think does extend to those who do not understand Transgender.  I think this might be the reason one of the reactions women have to their partner coming out to them as being trans, is to feel their own femininity is threatened, their role as the woman in the relationship is at risk or has to be competed for.

But in terms of equality and diversity in the workplace surely Andrej has every right to be a model, looking like he does, right? And yet the Daily Mail has dubbed Andrej Pejic as “Fashions ultimate insult to women, as man dresses as woman… the latest way of demeaning real women is a male model dressed as a girl.’  And there was me foolishly saying to Princess a few weeks ago, what a positive message for the trans community, whether or not Adndej is or isn’t trans.  What a fabulous way to encourage blurring gender.

The media can’t make it’s mind up what it thinks women are supposed to look like.  Either you are supposed to be petite with huge boobs or gazelle like with a flat chest.   The fashion industry is charged with negatively influencing young girls and women.  But what about this articles grossly demeaning men dressing as women as ; “ the ultimate in woman hating, to create a half-man, half-woman creature.” Creature!! It goes on to describe Adndej in Jean Paul Gaultier’s wedding dress as “the bride with no breast and a lunchbox was more like the bride of Frankenstein.”  Just nicely embedding all those comfortable preconceptions the misinformed public already have, of trans people – that they are monsters.  Nice one Daily Mail! 

I have been known to tell some trans girls that I have met that it is a crime for them to hide away in the closet, as they are very attractive dressed as women and like all women around the world should celebrate their individual look and be confident about who they are, Adndej is no exception to this and it’s no wonder the fashion world has seized on the opportunity.

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  1. Davina Legs says:

    I cant stand how the media box in the trans community and belittle it – im not sure even if its male editors who want to keep the male image and female apart or the female editor who is all up for womens rights and whats womens is womens and whats mens is womens…. theres certainly little good press where crossdressing is cincerned..

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