We are not alone

If any of you are wondering how the book is coming along, I thought I’d give you a progress report.  I’ve  finished it, well what I am sure will be the first draft of it, just before I went away to America.  A friend is proof reading it at the moment, which I am immensely grateful for.  That leaves me to turn to the task of pulling together a book proposal, which is needed to convince a publisher that there is a market for my book.

This is a big task in itself, almost like writing another smaller book.  I have to gather as much information as possible to support my case.  Your good selves as readers of this blog will be included as statistics of interest – so if I haven’t said it in a while, thanks again for keep reading.

So anyway I have been looking at different websites for partners of transgender people and totting up the number of visits to those sites.  I have also investigated the numbers of members of support groups which exist.

If you are a trans partner and ever feel like you are alone in your situation – other than me of course  – you may be interested to know that these sites have had 181,519 hits.  Of course these could be and are likely to be a mixture of partners and transgender people themselves.  I suspect this is the tip of the ice berg.  One site is called; ‘I bet there are over 1,000,000 Trans and cross dressers on facebook.’

How many of us are there in the world?  How many poor transgender souls are still hiding?  If they are in a relationship are they keeping this aspect of themselves secret, in fear?

With this in mind I have had an idea to give you something a little bit different, but I need your help.  I want you to reply to this post with any questions you would like to ask Princess and I about a transgender relationship.  I encourage you to ask anything you like, nothing  is taboo.   Princess and I will then do a video blog together, to answer your queries.  You can also get to know us a little better and our take on a trans relationship. 

So come on get your thinking caps on, what would you like to ask us, don’t censor yourself ask us anything.

Look forward to reading your questions, until next week – take care

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1 Response to We are not alone

  1. Nay says:

    There are also facebook groups supporting and connecting partners. I am a member of “the other halfs” which only allows people who are partners to join and the discussion board is very interesting and useful.

    I think people tend to assume that if you are OK with your partner’s trans identity that there are no problems, but there are so many problems with other people and their response. And there are different issues within the relationship- and usually no-one who understands.

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