Waterloo Road

I was fortunate to accidently catch this programme on Wednesday night, on BBC.  It’s not a programme I would ever normally watch.  However the story line was of a school boy who was clearly very distressed with gender identity issues. 

In a moment of outright desperation, frustration and anger he blurted out in front of the whole school, that he had been born in the wrong body, was a freak and didn’t want to live anymore and ran off.   

Overall it was managed in a very touching, sensitive way.  A female pupil later found him in the park.  The dialogue between them was moving, as she convinced him that life was worth going on and he had choices.

Later he and his mother were having a heart to heart discussion.  Whilst she was dealing with her raw shock and confusion of finding out something so huge about her Son, through his tears he said the golden words.  “I need to be me, what I am inside.  I need to change.  I’m so unhappy, I can’t live like this anymore.”

I think it was exceptionally written and acted by all.  It is very, very much worth looking at.  


The above link should take you to it, but it was series 7 episode 2 – it’s described as ‘Chris helps a pupil branded a perv’

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