For those of you who are not aware of it, Sparkle is a trans event held every year in Manchester.  This year it is the weekend of  8, 9, and 10  July.  Trans people and their partners descend on the town in the Canal St area.  Friday and Saturday night girls get their gladrags on, kick up their heels and have some fun.

During the day on Saturday there are various stalls set up for people to wander and obviously ‘shopping’!

Princess and I have never been before and made a last minute decision last weekend to start organising to go.  

I love being able to plan outfits with my partner.  We have raided what we’ve got in the wardrobe and tried different looks.  We have been browsing web sites for potential new dresses and shoes. 

Just another reminder of how much enjoyment I get from being with my beautiful trans partner.

If you are going to Sparkle this year, take another look at our photo’s from my ‘about’ page to remind yourself what we look like.  I simply insist if you see us in Manchester say hi and maybe you could tell me what else you’d like to see on my blog.

Look forward to meeting some of you.

Lots of love Laura

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3 Responses to Sparkle

  1. Nay says:

    We will be there as a family. Hopefully see you there?

  2. Nay says:

    Yeah, You should be able to find me, I will be the one chasing the toddler who is trying to ransack the stalls with merry cries of “shoes” and “daddy hair!”, he loves shoes, wigs and anything sparkly- just like his dad!
    Is anyone else who reads the blog going to be there?

  3. Davina Legs says:

    I’m not sure yet but as the kids get older and noseier and enjoy more fredom maybe my only chance to be Davina is to pack the bags and me and the wife make a weekend of it one day as husband and wife and one day as girlfriends… im happy being able to dress home alone currently with my wifes acceptance and comform seeing me crossdressed but maybe the next step is stepping out,,, only time will tell but it wont happen until my wife feels comfortable with me being out as a crossdressed man … it may never happen and i might not evel like it but something i feel is on thee path we tread …maybe see you there one day

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