I don’t know if any of you caught this documentary;  ‘Jamie: Drag Queen at 16’, if you didn’t you missed a treat.

In my view this documentary is award winning material.  Jamie is an absolutely gorgeous teenager.  And I don’t mean just looks, he is a gorgeous person.  His maturity and level headedness for his age are extremely impressive, and not to say his bravery; but then all of you who are trans have that, you know my thoughts on that if you are a regular reader.

You might have more in common with this 16 year old than you would think;  He knew from the age of  5, he started by secretly dressing in his mothers clothes; the only clothes he had access to at such a young age.  He knows people think it is seedy and disgusting and that it is not really accepted.  Hardly anybody knows, not even his Dad.  But he is sick of hiding and so is planning on coming out and naturally worried people will be nasty.

His Mum and family friend are phenomenal in their accepting attitude and treatment of Jamie.  As well as his journey of coming out, his best friend’s journey of discovering who Jamie really is, is an interesting subtext.

As well as his planned big outing Jamie is worried about telling his Dad.  His impressive maturity is highlighted by his father’s cowardly delayed reaction, of not having the decency to tell his son in person of his discomfort  of Jamie’s brave decisions.

The reaction of Jamie’s school truly disgusted me and left me feeling utter despair at their gross ignorance, and failure of even the most basic support of a pupil within the legislation.  I hope all those staff involved were ashamed and suitably embarrassed when this documentary aired.

The attitude of the next generation towards the importance of people being true to themselves and happy, above all else, is very encouraging and gives me hope of a better future for anyone who is outside of the prescribed boxes, we force people into in our society.

Jamie’s talent and beauty as an artist are breathtaking.  The reaction of his contemporaries is impressively moving.   Get yourself a cuppa and settle down for an hour because you have to watch this!  I promise you it is time well spent and you will not regret it.


Let me know what you thought, go on, post a comment

Laura x

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3 Responses to Jamie

  1. Zoe Marie says:

    What a wonderful documntary!
    It even made me cry at times, just to see how accepting people can be and kinda makes me realise we can perhaps worry a bit too much sometimes about what other people will think and we should just get out there and do it!
    My workplace has just found out about me, barring a couple of people I’ve had nothing but support and nice messages from everyone , Even to the point of having to arrange 2 nights out with others from work !

    To Jamie/ Fifi I think you wonderful , Good luck .. Come and visit Sparkle next year!

  2. Rose-Marie says:

    Hi, we watched Jamie, and yes we thought it was great; he’s obviously very talented and given a lot of wonderful help and support from his mother and other women around him. It was such a crying shame that his father didn’t support him and just saw the ‘prom’ appearance as Jamie being selfish!
    My partner Katie has recently been out shopping (en femme) and we went and had gorgeous hair done at a hairdressers – a fantastic result seeing as it was the first time we told them Kate was transgendered. Kate came into where I work and so now my work colleagues know and they are really cool about it.
    Yes we would love to see Fifi at Sparkle; we love everything about Sparkle.

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