Auntie Gok

I have just finished reading Gok Wan’s biography; ‘through the thick and thin’.  It is a very good read and I highly recommend it.  I can’t help thinking, maybe hoping, that many of you reading this are just as big fans of Gok as myself and Princess.

He was not always the confident fashion queen we know and love on our TV screens now.  He went through years of trauma and bullying for being overweight, and dealt with this with theatrics and self deprecating comments, before others could beat him to a bullying punch line.  He developed anorexia and struggled greatly with self confidence, as so many of us do.

In terms of being gay, he had struggled to understand and then put a label on his feelings and desires, at the same time knew it was not accepted and hid it for years from his family – sound familiar?

My interpretation of his story is that his turning point was being approached to produce the ‘naked’ series.  As he stripped women to their core at the beginning of each show and watched them build in confidence by the end of filming, he began to realise what an important impact the show was having on these ladies.  It was also having an impact on him coming to terms with his own body issues.

Reviewing the feedback once the first series was aired, it began to dawn on him the show was delivering an important message to the public.  It started a frenzy in challenging the media perceptions of fashion and women’s body shapes.  It was promoting women accepting themselves for who they are; as you know a passionate favourite topic of mine.

Those of you who watched later series may remember the show tackled more and more challenging issues.  Gok dressed women with disabilities.  My favourite as the most moving episode, was Gok trying to ‘show’ a blind woman how she could look good.  He had to find alternative ways of communicating how colours, fabrics, body shapes etc looked.

He convinced retailers to use models in wheelchairs, he worked with the government on educating school children on how to be confident about their bodies.  Is there no end to Saint Gok’s mission?

With this in mind I have often found myself thinking he should really have done a show dressing a trans girl!  I can’t think of anything more challenging to the general public than that, can you?

So having read his book, I am not wondering if I can get in touch; ‘through his people’, and suggest it.  What do you think?  Would any of you volunteer?


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2 Responses to Auntie Gok

  1. Zoe Marie says:

    Hmm would I offer…. not so sure about that.. Depends if it was on Tele … anyway I’ve always thought a Trans make over would be fab! Maybe not the naked bit though,,,, lol

  2. Davina Legs says:

    I’m not brave enought as i think what would it do to my life – i mean i’d be a perfect candidate of this Alpha male family man they could do a pre makeover part showing how id been captain of the rugby team and football team and cricket team and althletics team a mans man and how i dabbled with joining the army until i met my girlfriend now wife and couldnt face being away from her training then possible on operations for 6 months so changed my plans got a degree in civil engineering then worked my way into a very manly engineers job in charge of 100’s of men as a sucessful bloey bloke… everyone would think red blooded family man with his 2 girls right lets get to the makeover then the crunch… how do i relax and escape the pressures of being such a manly alpha male all the time … i cross im not gay and no i dont want to be a woman…i prefer being a man but this helps me unwind.. id love to see the result and love to see my scenario possibly that of many married men such as myself who are in their closet with possibly some perceptions of they type of men and motives for crossdressing change..rarely does a tv prog or some article on this morning or breakfast tv etc cover my scenario and where i am in the trans spectrum…. but im a chicken… the benefits for my equivalents in the spectrum of trans personally vastly outweighed by my percieved reaction of friends and family and work collegues – sad to say society is not ready yet around myself i wish it was … maybe theres someone braver than me who gok could transform?? i hope so… 🙂


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