Time to shine

Firstly thank you for all your kind messages of wishing me better.

Now fully recovered, I think I’ve kept you in suspense long enough about the exciting news I promised you last week.

I had a meeting this week with the features editor of a large, mainstream, women’s monthly magazine, to discuss her interest in publishing an article about my relationship with Princess.  I won’t tell you the name of the magazine just yet as not everything is confirmed.

Needless to say I am very excited.  I was flattered and over the moon that the magazine contacted me to ask if I was interested in participating in an article.  The editor wanted my thoughts and opinions of a few of her ideas of features she was thinking of running in the magazine, on an article on the subject of transgender issues.

As I explained I would like to be as fully involved as possible, we agreed that she would pitch the idea of having a first person story for the article, which I will write and Princess and I will both be involved with.

We talked generally about transgender and I tried to dispelling some of the popular myths.   She asked many of the same common questions people often have for me about Princess and our relationship, such as; ‘how much time does Princess spend dressed as a woman?’,  questions about my sexuality, and how do people react to me?

I never feel that I deserve people’s reaction to me, as they often say I am brave, or they have respect for me and that they find me more interesting than Princess.

I think a potential article is some months off, as the magazine has planned features for the next few issues.  However I am very aware of my responsibility of the impact an article could have on people; both within the trans community and educating others in transgender issues.   But there is no doubt that I think the article will be important and I am so thrilled to play a part in that.

Selfishly I am hoping it will help me convince an agent/publisher to take the book on, with my aim of it being published as a title with mass market appeal, and not simply for the transgender community.

I am very , very excited by the potential the articles publication could have, and trust that this particular magazine will work with me to produce something tasteful, honest and real;  which is so desperately needed in the face of the media so often only representing the extreme ends of the transgender spectrum, for sensationalism sake.

Hopefully next week I can give you some confirming news.

Love and hugs


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2 Responses to Time to shine

  1. Nomeo says:

    To write, or allow someone else to write, about your life makes you vunerable. We were interviewed by ‘Closer’ magazine during the Sparkle weekend, the article came out last week. I thought about withdrawing the permission to print so many times!
    I am still just waiting for someone to spot the article and give me abuse, so far I have only had people saying nice things.

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