Happy Birthday

On September 10th 2010, the blog Angel and Princess was born.   That’s right, that means this week is my blogs very first birthday.

I am so proud.  I often get frustrated by the length of time progress with my project is taking, however when I look back over the last years blogs, Angel and Princess has come a long way.  I have to remind myself that what I am trying to achieve has to be juggled around a full time job, and all the other interruptions of modern daily living.

At the conference I went to back in July, on ‘how to get published’, the author speaking on the panel said that she has a friend who refers to her books as her ‘babies’.  When she is working on a new book, friends will ask her; ‘how’s the ‘book baby?’

So let’s look back at the baby steps Angel and Princess has taken in its first year, and what it has achieved;

A brand is born, with a first name; ‘Angel and Princess’ and a second name; ‘A life less ordinary’.  The brand is christened with a crown and wings logo and has its own business card produced to tell people about the great things it is trying to achieve.   It was given its first item of clothing; a T-shirt with its own name printed on it.  Its next item of clothing will be a jacket – which some might call; a book cover.   Important and appreciated relationships were formed and blossomed to help Angel and Princess develop;  GIRES, Relate, TransPartners.co.uk, Transliving, Transtastic and the organisers of Sparkle to name but a few, and of course not forgetting most importantly each and every one of you who reads the blog.

Like many proud parents of their (book) babies, I now wish I had kept a diary of each baby step.

I have produced video blogs, I have touted myself for interest at Sparkle, I have paid and attended conferences on how to get published; leading to what I am sure is set to be a mile stone relationship with Marie Claire magazine.

Although I am frustrated as I would naturally like to have seen Angel and Princess already on bookshop shelves and on Amazon’s booklist by now, the ground work I have done this year is not to be sniffed at.  And I am unapologetically going to be one of those pushy parents, as I have the next year earmarked for success.

I hope you will stay with me for the journey and continue to enjoy reading and giving me your much appreciated support in doing so!

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1 Response to Happy Birthday

  1. Lynn Jones says:


    Congratulations on making it to one year and good luck with the book too! I hope it goes as smoothly as possible.

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