The boy is in

I think it is time this week for something a little more light hearted, which brings me to fashion.  This season seems to be all about women dressing for the boys club or the androgynous look.

In terms of clothes we’re talking; jackets, trousers, boyish tuxedos, boyish shirts and bow ties.  If you have the legs for it, mix and match the look with hot pants.

I’ve even seen magazines stretching to talking about boyish make-up.  Bring it on I say!  A ‘boyish brow’ apparently finishes a masculine look.  In the picture I saw said ‘boyish eye brows’ are apparently appropriately finished off with a tweed jacket.

The queen of this look, who was doing it for herself way back in the 80’s, has a timely exhibition at the V&A, with a show that celebrates both her costumes and her career.

She has said that ‘as human beings we clothe ourselves to tell people about ourselves.  It’s a language’.   You said it sister.

So if you are a woman in a relationship with a transgender partner, why not join in crossing the gender divined, and take advantage of the current trend.

I’m personally waiting for the girlish look for men to become more public.

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