I have mentioned before that I am currently studying a counselling course.  Well it is a little lonely, which you wouldn’t think would be the case with counselling.  But it is not quite what I expected.  It was sold as a home study course, which I thought would include some sort of interactive web based activities.  Not so, I have a textbook with test papers and specific questions to answer.

So it is a bit bizarre there is no practice learning.  However for the last test paper I am required to submit an essay, on a subject of my choice, in which I simply need to demonstrate I understand the various aspects of counselling methods.

I thought it would be interesting to sit in on a counselling session, run by an expert, record it and then for my assignment, play it back and write the essay identifying the techniques I have learnt.

I would feel more confident talking about a subject I know fairly well, on which to hang my understanding of what I have learnt.  Here’s where I need a volunteer(s).

If any of you who read my blog are having counselling and would be willing to help me out, as long as your counsellor is in agreement, I would be very grateful.

I appreciate this is a huge ask.  There are of course confidentiality issues and I can assure you this would be anonymous.  Mostly I would be trying to learn from the counsellor.

Within my job I have access to very sensitive information on people, and as such I have had various government checks, such as Criminal Bureau checks (CRB), so I can be trusted, honest.

Honestly I am not expecting any volunteers, and I don’t blame you if you are not willing, but if you don’t ask you don’t get.  Just consider it?

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