This week’s TV…

No I am not talking about an award for the best transvestite of the week.  Fans of my work can’t be surprised that I am choosing to talk about a particular show which was on television this week…yes that’s right you have guessed it; ‘My transsexual summer’.

I was apprehensive from the advertisements.  The particular phrasing of the woman in the promotional shoots saying; ‘some people grow up wanting to be… I grew up wanting to be a woman’, gave me some cause for concern.  Please, please don’t misunderstand me I understand that I have now spent quite some time educating myself, and the reason I was concerned is simply because I am so passionate about the public being made aware of the issues for trans people, and I don’t want the public to think that there is any element of choice in being trans.  In the end Drew, who said this was, in my view, was an absolutely adorable character, but in fact they all were lovely.

I think the programme and the 7 individuals involved were a very good mix across the transgender spectrum, and all are very brave for appearing, especially Sarah who had not yet come out to her family.

There are so many of these reality TV/documentary’s that you expect the tv producers to have chosen thoroughly unlikeable characters, but I think they were all really lovely.

If you didn’t catch it, you simply have to catch up and watch last weeks, but also tune in next week; Channel 4, 10pm after Jamie Oliver.  I should be getting commission!

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