Hot off the press – exclusive offer!

Hi all, yes I know it is not like me to put two blogs on the site in one week, and two days in a row – I feel giddy!

However I had exciting news to tell and couldn’t wait another week.  I mentioned a while back that I was hoping to work with a magazine to have a features article published about our relationship.  Well I can now reveal that Magazine is none other than Marie Claire.

The article will be case study based, with Princess and I being the central case study, of course darlings!   A fabulous writer, from very good quality publications, will meet with us to discuss our relationship; what our life and lifestyle is like, our feelings about our relationship and our journey as a couple in our ‘love less ordinary’.

The angle of the piece is about trans relationships, and the possible raft of complexities which can form the ebb and flow of a relationship, when you are very much in love with someone who is transgender.

However, and here is where you come in, the Acting Features Director would like to also include other couples who are in a similar relationship, but naturally may have a different point of view, experiences and challenges than us.  So I am putting some feelers out there to ask if any of you would be interested in being involved, to contact me and I will put you in touch with the magazine.

I understand that this is a very big ask of anyone.   Princess and I are used to, and it feels committed, to putting ourselves out there in the public forum, because we believe so passionately in spreading education of trans issues.  I long ago considered what the implications might be of putting my heart on my sleeve, and publishing my wares for all to see.  So I would suggest if you are interest; that you are perhaps as fully ‘out’ as a couple as Princess and I are, and consider any impact of your lives being in print.  Marie Claire has huge readership and you need to be sure you want to be in the lime light.  That said, I think those featured in ‘my transsexual summer’ should be an inspiration to us all, and sometimes it takes a brave few to contribute to making a difference to peoples understanding of lesser discussed issues.

Marie Claire is a high quality, well established magazine.  I have their assurance and I trust those I am working with to print a sensitive, balanced and thought provoking article.  I don’t believe they will sensationalise and am confident they will respect your story and lives as individuals.

Ok, sales pitch over, now for the nuts and bolts; there is a bit of a tight time frame on this as the writer would need to submit the piece to the magazine by the 9th December, and there is work to be done before then to get your story.

What I am saying is think about it, but think quickly.  My contact details are on this site so get in touch.

Until next week – love and kisses


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