It’s all happening

After a break for a few months from working on the book, it now seems to be full steam ahead.

I have bitten the bullet, given in, and employed the help of a proof reader.  I had really wrestled with myself over whether to use a professional proof reader.  My reservations were that because I am Dyslexic; whoever took the task on was taking on a mammoth challenge, and that would push the cost up.  I had heard some stories of proof readers charging by the hour! Well for my work darlings, I would need to win the lottery.

However I seem to be at the beginning of a beautifully productive relationship.  He is a task master, which is great.  I am now emailing back and forth on an almost daily basis.  I am printing in the evening, and reading corrections on the tube on the way home.

He is not afraid to make dramatic structure changes, e.g. to chapter layouts.  Its brilliant and he is exactly what I needed, and at a very reasonable price.  It if any of you ever happen to need a proof reader, I highly recommend him.

We are aiming at 5 thousand words a week and heading for an end of February deadline.  My New Year’s resolution of getting the book accepted by an agent, here I come…

In fact it has been so long since I looked at my book, at one point this week I found myself reading a sentence, and thought wow, that’s good.  I assumed it was a change the proof reader had made.  When I looked back at my version, well blow me down with a feather, I’d written it!

I really should start believing in my writing.  Which reminds me; thank you to the reader who this week said that my blog has; ‘a better writing style than most bloggers out there.’

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