From now on there will be a big gap in my Tuesday evenings, yes that’s right, this week was the last episode of ‘My Transsexual Summer’.

The girls went out clubbing, and those of you who know it may have spotted they went to the ‘Way Out’ club.  Although I have had a good night out on the few occasions when I have frequented ‘Way Out’, I do share Sarah’s views on it.  She said why should trans people feel they need to go to separate clubs, they should be able to go to regular clubs and be accepted.  Donna at one point even use the phrase ‘tranny chaser’ – not a surprise that it was Donna who said it, but I never thought I would hear it on mainstream TV.

I have been really impressed by the way this programme has been produced.  Highlights for me were the speeches from the 7, to their families who turned up at the house for the groups final weekend goodbyes.  For those of you who didn’t see it the group finished as they started, by taking photographs of themselves, to see how far they had come on their journey.

Drew tearfully exclaimed she had learnt that the streets were hers too, and she has just as much right to walk them as everyone else – you go girl!

Sadly two of the 7 did not have family turn up to support them.  Karen and Sarah took themselves off for a weep, at having no one.  However the others rallied around them, and claimed you do have family and they are here with you now.  There wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

A fantastic documentary and I am watching this space because I think it should be up for an award!

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