A busy year…

… and I am not sure if I am referring to 2011 or the year ahead.

Some of you may have noticed that last week I did not post a blog.  I think that is the first time ever since I have been writing the blog.  Even when I was in America February Princess posted a blog for me.  February seems forever ago now.  But I have had a busy few weeks.

After having finished studying a Person-Centred Counselling course, I was not satisfied.  I have been speaking with my boss, doing some research and thinking.  I have decided to apply for a foundation Counselling course, enabling me to go on and study a diploma, if I wish.

It has all happened very fast and so last week, as well as working a full week and trying to clear my case load before Christmas, I also had to complete an; application form, CV and personal biography to submit to the institute I have chosen to study at.  Just yesterday I received a phone call saying they want me to come in for an interview in early January, so I am thrilled.

As well as this, my budding proof reader has been keeping me busy and I feel like a naughty school girl because I am falling behind.  (I will knuckle down tomorrow I promise).

Princess and I have also had the photo shoot with Marie Claire magazine, and the article is due to be published in the March edition, available in February.  So my proof reader and I are aiming to try and get the book in a good state by this deadline.

So, as you can see it is all happening and I have been a very busy bunny.  I wonder if this is only the start and the New Year is set to also present new challenges for me.

So sorry folks for the break in transmission and I wish you all a wonderful Christmas and all the compliments of the season to you and yours.

Lots of love


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