Excited little Angel

I said to Princess the other day I am becoming nervously excited at the thought that in just a few short weeks, the next issue of Marie Claire will being stocked on newsagent shelves.  Within its pages will be an article about our relationship.  I feel nauseous having just typed that.

I can’t believe it was way back on the 19 July 2011, that I attended a conference on ‘How to get published’, organised by Marie Claire magazine.  I would never have dreamt this is where it would lead.  But the way I have lived my life over the last few years has become more and more about  giving things a try, and the excitement is the not knowing where it’s heading.

So then, having just rather neatly reminded myself why I went to that conference in the first place – to get published, leads me to this week’s blog.  I always intended to unashamedly use the Marie Claire article as an advertisement to agents, publishers and the general public that I am trying to get a book published.

So for those of you who are avid readers of my blog (I am, as ever, grateful), may find a disruption  to the normal service, as I try and cater to those readers who I hope will find their way here having read our humble story [as portrayed by Marie Claire].  I will post a blog welcoming these readers, which I may leave untouched for a few weeks, as I want it to stay as the most recent blog for a good duration of the magazine being on sale.  I may also do another video blog – vlog (I am never going to get used to calling it that, I’m so old fashioned).  I haven’t done one since the summer when we went to Sparkle, so it is well overdue.

I feel the need to remind myself that I didn’t agree to the article at Marie Claire’s request; for fame, or flattery for being asked, but because like Martin Luther I also have a dream.  I have a dream that one day trans people will not be judged by their transgenderism, but by the content of their character.

What happens next is anyone’s guess, but I hope you will stay with me for the journey.  In my day dreams; the article is published, an agent is interested in the book, a publisher loves the concept and wants to snap me up as a writer and begs me for the rights, – oh, and poverty doesn’t exist.  What!?   I can hope.

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