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Not writing to you on this blog for the month of February has been like holding my breath.  So now our five minutes (or 29 days), of magazine fame is over.  We have received many amazing comments as a result of the Marie Claire article.  Thank you to those of you who have been very generous with your compliments.  In fact Princess received almost all of them, in terms of the photos.  I had a ‘look in’; only when compliments were directed to us as a couple.  But I am proud, as Princess is gorgeous, although I will start referring to her as Nicci on this blog as her name has been no secret for a long time.

On that note I should say that I have been contemplating the title of the book and decided I should drop ‘Angel and Princess’, and I intend to pitch it to publishers with the title of ‘A love less ordinary’, which has until now been the subtitle.  ‘Angel and Princess’ was always a working title and I don’t think it is as marketable.

While I was away from you I attended a rather exciting event; a question and answer session with the cast of ‘My Transexual Summer.’  They were exactly as easy going and forthright in their opinions as they were on the show.  They revealed some of the interesting background of how they set about educating the film crew on how to portray trans issues.  They gave the impression of being a formidable group to try and manage and in some instances admirably resistant to the film crews attempts at manipulation to get the story they wanted.  The event was run by Gendered Intelligence and it seems the cast of the show have become the face of trans issues.

I personally felt an excitement in the room.  Excitement because if feels like this could really be the beginning of something, it feels as though momentum is growing amongst the trans community, people seem to be throwing caution to the wind in favour of believing that it is high time the general public knew more about the trans community.  I can almost taste it, and it is thrilling.

Which is why I am sometimes so frustrated that the process and indeed progress of getting published is so slow for me, whilst working a full time job and studying a demanding course.  I can almost smell the published pages of ‘A love less ordinary’.  So near and yet so far.

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