A corner to call pride

For a month I have been secretly waiting to buy the follow up issue of Marie Claire.  I was hoping for a little corner comment in the magazine’s ‘In our inbox’ section.  I am in luck.  A paragraph of the current issue, on page 54, is titled ‘A subject we should think about’, and it reads;

‘I hope your feature on transgender relationships open’s peoples eyes on the subject.  I am friends with a transgender couple and they are the same as any other.  Why can’t people grasp that some couples are just happier this way.’

I feel a knot in my chest, and a lump in my throat, I think they call pride.  I think also perhaps a side dish of honor.

I thank Nicci here for her support and love, full stop, but also that she is so willing to share her a part of herself in order that others can learn.

You are an amazing partner baby.


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