Sex Ed

As you know I have been studying a psychotherapy course recently.  Well in a few months I have to give a presentation on Wilhelm Reich, who wrote, wait for it – The function of the orgasm.

It has made for some interesting reading; apparently all psychological conditions can be attributed to being sexually repressed.  Its the cliche if someone is uptight or stressed and someone says “he/she just needs a good seeing to.”  I am being flippant and over-generalising.  I will of course be more serious and professional when it comes to presenting Reich’s theories.

There is even a diagram of being sexually repressed, yes a diagram!  As I have been reading I learned that at the time of Reich writing, he found one source of some women being sexually repressed was that they were concerned about passing wind, defecating, or urinating during sex.  This makes me think of the comedian Sarah Millican, who once during stand up talked about her and her boyfriend’s mishap during foreplay after an Indian meal out…don’t ask!

My other diagram favorite is; ‘diagram depicting the typical phases of the sexual act in which both male and female are orgastically potent’ – Mmm exciting – in other words the peak of orgasm.

But then within my research I did find something truly fascinating; a film of the brain of a woman experiencing an orgasm, whilst having a MRI for clinical research.   Check this out…

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