Sex talk

I am conscious that I have missed the last few weeks of the blog.  Life just seems ridiculously busy, which I know doesn’t make for great reading.

I am especially aware of it as many more of you seem to be coming to the blog and my stats are looking very healthy.

Well my counselling course seems to be taking over and I feel I am getting further and further away from the much needed work I need to do to get the book published. I will bounce back I promise, in fact I am planning to write my essay on something I can maybe sneak into the book, cheeky huh?! I ain’t just a pretty face.  Lets just say psychologists are always obsessed with sex right, and we all know sex sells.

I actually have to give a talk on my subject at this weekends course.  Watch this space maybe I will vlog part of my talk for you ; )

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