Body Works

Just recently I have realized, (perhaps I am finally starting to mature?!), I’m not very good at listening to myself.  It is incredible how we do so much ‘thinking’ in our busy modern lives that we forget to listen.  Not listening to one another is a whole other debate; but we don’t listen to ourselves.  I don’t know about any of you, but I have a terrible habit of thoughts going around in my head, driving me nuts. Anyone?

But I am not talking about listening to the white noise inside our heads, but to feelings in our body’s.  Simple things like an ache in your chest, a knot in your stomach, feeling tired.  Ignoring feeling tired is a classic one for me.  On the very rare occasions I give into a guilty ‘lie down’ of a Saturday afternoon; I always wake feeling what a terrible waste it was.  Of course it wasn’t.  If my body didn’t need it, I wouldn’t have been out for the count for a few hours.

These are obvious things, but when was the last time you tried really listening to different feelings in your body, and then ask yourself are you giving it what it needs or are you neglecting it.  I say ‘it’ because we live so much in our heads in our modern society; i.e. intellectualism is mostly prized above physical ability.  Is your body trying to communicate with you;  .i.e. emotional problems are very often manifested by signs our body gives us (as above).

Of course I don’t have to tell any of you on the transgender spectrum about the degrees of separation from your body and your mind.  I can only imagine the agony you have suffered wondering which one has betrayed you more.

So I have decided to make a concerted effort to listen more to what my body is trying to communicate to me it needs.  However I think it is important that the general population understand, and are helped to understand, that not everyone has this luxury.  Some might be silently screaming out is that they are simply ‘in the wrong body’.

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