Channel 4 Trans relationships

I actually have something exciting to share this week.  I received an email in the week from a researcher on behalf of channel 4.  She had been passed my details by a follower of my blog.  She explained that after the positive reaction to Channel 4’s ‘My Transsexual Summer’ programme – you all know what a massive fan I am – they are developing a documentary looking at transgender relationships.  She had read the Marie Claire article and was very impressed – of course!   She had read the blog and basically researched Nicci and I.  She wanted to tell me more about the project and hear more about our relationship.

She explained that they did not want the programme to be quite the same as Transsexual Summer, and they certainly wouldn’t be putting couples into a house.

Ok by now the suspense might be killing you. ..Although it was very flattering to be asked I politely declined.  I do not have a face for TV and laying out our wares was nerve wracking enough in print let alone on screen.

I explained to her that I had been lucky enough to meet most of the cast at a Genered Intelligence event.  My resounding memory of the casts view on having done the programme was that; they were proud to have done it to help educate the public on trans issues.  However they had some issues over some liberties the programme makers had taken with respecting privacy, and what had been left on the cutting room floor.

I told her I have written a book I want to get published and that was enough of a project for now.  I asked her to stay in touch as I would be interested in contributing and finding out more about the programme,  but definitely did not want to be in the programme.  I was very careful not to really tell her anything about us.  In fact I said that we may be too uninteresting as we are lucky enough to be fully accepted, never had any problems, don’t have children to consider etc.  What I didn’t say was that I wouldn’t want to be made to seem more ‘intriguing’ by manipulation.

I am coming towards finishing my counselling course at the end July, and am looking forward to really throwing myself back into the task of approaching publishers/agents.  I am thinking perhaps a year out was not a bad move as there definitely seems to be more interest in trans issues, so perhaps I will now get a better reception.  – Fingers crossed.

(Big thanks to the person who passed my details on.  I won’t name and shame you.  You can leave a comment if you want the glory.)

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5 Responses to Channel 4 Trans relationships

  1. Lynn Jones says:

    I think I can understand why you decided not to do it. I mean, I think it’s one thing to be involved in a show, but quite another thing to ensure that you are presented accurately. I’m not saying the media are out to twist everyone’s lives, however, if we go down the old quote about ‘drama being life without the boring bits’ how can the real world be presented?

    Oh, and glad to hear (read?) that the invitation from the illusive third party didn’t cause any offence. 😉

  2. Claire says:

    Any idea what this show was called and when it is being aired if it still going ahead?

    • Dear Claire,

      Apologies for the delay in responding. I am rather curious myself how it is going, so thanks for your email. I have contacted the woman who got in touch initially with me about the program and passed your question on. I will let you know when she replies.



    • Dear Claire,

      I have followed up with my contact. She is now working in production on a different series but believes the Development team have contacted broadcasters with all the transgender research. Unfortunately to date nothing has been commissioned.


  3. Barbra says:

    Hello, just wanted to tell you, I enjoyed this article. It was funny.
    Keep on posting!

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