One courses loss, is another projects gain

This week I am grieving the loss of having finished my counselling course, and more so that I cannot continue this year at least, onto the 3 year diploma.  Some of you may be relieved as I am conscious this blog has of late been becoming about counselling and not…what’s it about again?

Oh yeah that’s right, it’s a stop gap between me becoming a budding published author – that and my rambling musing of my passionate fight for the freedom of expression of trans people and their partners.

I am coming back down to earth with a bump.  I am starting to consider what others have been telling me all along – that I may have to consider and ‘alternative’ method of getting published.  I am just not sure that the likes of Penguin or HarperCollins are likely to take a punt on my niche little title.  Have no fear, I am nowhere near throwing the towel in, and there is more than one way to skin a cat.  Metaphorically of course, I love cats!

I am still open to offers though – just in case any publishers happen to have fallen upon my site.

I have a few initial tasks that I need to tackle however.  One being I need to read my own book.  Yes you read that correctly, in its current format I have not read my own book.  My proof reader re-ordered, rejigged possibly re-wrote the whole thing for all I know, back in March.  As yet I have not got around to reading it yet.  I see this as a very good thing.  With a little bit of distance I am hoping for some surprises, and actually as little memory as possible of what I wrote so I can be really objective.

All of this is a very exciting prospect and is helping me to get over the loss of spending weekends with the amazing people on the course, people who will forever be in my heart and have carved some very precious memories in the tapestry of my short uneventful life so far at 35.  But I hope all that is about to change because who knows what new ventures being a successful published author will bring…

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3 Responses to One courses loss, is another projects gain

  1. Lynn Jones says:

    Silly question, have you considered Amazon’s self publishing as a way forward? There are a number of good titles on there, although I guess marketing may be tricky. Still, what else are blogs for? 😉

    • Hi,

      No such thing as a silly question. I am aware that Amazon do something and I will look into it.

      Oh and thanks for the recommendation for the TV show. Sorry I didn’t reply before. I normally get an alert when I have an email on the site but didn’t for that email. So I only saw it when I came on to answer this one. I wouldn’t have named you, but yeah thanks for that. Nice to be thought of.

      Thank you so much for keep reading. I think you must be my biggest fan

  2. Lynn Jones says:

    No worries about the reply. Some folk reply to blog comments, some don’t. I kinda assumed – wrongly! – that you were the latter 🙂

    A friend has recently self-published and he said it was fairly easy. At least, it was once he’d got his head around the software part. Still, good luck to him!

    Fan? 🙂 Well, it’s an interesting blog – if I may say so – and the Marie Clare interview was fascinating too. Plus, I think blogging away with no replies can feel a bit like you’re typing into the void; if that makes any sense! A bit of feedback isn’t necessarily a bad thing. 🙂

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