On the right road

Well it’s been a while again.  I think it is safe to say that from now on for a while I am going to be posting sporadic posts here as things are hotting up.

I am reticent to share my latest news but it very much looks like I have found a publisher who is interested in publishing my book.  I am glad to say things seem to be moving quite fast.  The book has been reshaped and is looking beautiful and polished with some impressive attention to detail; there are now even pretty scrolls around the chapter titles.

Last week the publishers asked me to think about a cover.  I have ideas and some friends are helping me out with a photo shoot, as they are absolute angels.

I have been really hesitant in telling people this news as it just doesn’t feel real yet.  I won’t believe it until I have a printed copy in my hand.

I will keep you updated but it seems I am regrettably unable to commit to updating this blog every Friday as I once promised.  So if you don’t want to miss any potential breaking news –  you’d best subscribe.

Every now and again I like to thank you all for reading my blog and your continuing support by doing so, it is much appreciated.  Particularly as I notice that my reading statistics  are quite healthy at the moment, even though I have been failing to keep the site up to date.

Bless you all


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1 Response to On the right road

  1. Davina Legs says:

    Congratulations and well done – make sure Amazon are interested and they adopt the book on Kindle so I can download it straight onto my device the moment its available xx

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