PC anger!

And no I am not talking about the Politically Correct type PC, I am talking about my laptop.

So last Friday I spent a while going through my entire book, making track changes of the last proof (I hope) that I will make of my own book.  This is the version that the publishers – Bramley Press – I’ll give them a little plug ; ) , have asked me to approve and make sure I am literally happy with all the last dotted i’s and crossed t’s.

Well happy as Larry this morning I got up, intending to spend my day working on a marketing and promotional plan, but nooooo, my laptop had other ideas.  I thought ‘I’ll just quickly pop the corrected manuscript off to the publishers that I worked on so diligently last Friday.  Oh, wait a minute where is it? (40 minutes later) Serious, where the F is it!!!

Gone, disappeared, nadda.  Now I am not the best at technology but yes I used all the tricks, search recent doc’s, a file search etc, etc.  If you are reading this and think you would have had a solution to help, then keep it to yourself please.  Because in the end I realised it would be quicker for me to do the whole dam thing again rather than pointlessly searching and getting more and more hot under the collar.

Technology; you can’t live with it and you can’t live without it.  At least when you loose your car keys (e.g.) you can methodically think about when you had them last and work your way back, leaving the stupid places like behind the sofa and the cat’s stomach, till last.  (Yes I searched for file by date – didn’t work).

I feel a little better now I have re-done it and have now sent it to the publishers, but still; Aaarrrrggghhh!

Love ya lots

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3 Responses to PC anger!

  1. Davinalegs says:

    Its the kiss of death when you hear someone to say they have a broken laptop you instnatly say mines brill never had a problem with it and then you go home it does a windows update and wont turn on ARRgghhh … You must have been so frustrated but at least youve checked your work twice 🙂


  2. Lynn Jones says:

    Two words: Google Docs. Two more: DropBox + backup 🙂

    For a mo, you had me worried thinking the book had gone walkies and that would have been awful. Seriously, do back your work up. Either put it somewhere safe on-line, email yourself a copy or keep spares on USB pen drives.

    It’s easier to get some data downloaded or from a pendrive than having to recover a whole computer. Then again, having a pet IT wiz is helpful too…. doubly so if you know one you can bribe with Dorothy Perkins’ vouchers 😉

    • Hi,

      This is what’s weird, I had also saved it on a memory USB stick, I always save everything I do on the book on my laptop and a stick. just in case anything hideous should happen to the laptop. I couldn’t find it on the stick either – it really had absolutely disappeared.


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