Cover story

The publisher is working on the cover of my book.  I had a vision in my head a long time ago of what I wanted the back to look like. A picture of me in a certain pose, in a certain dress, holding the mini pink laptop I actually wrote the book on, with the blurb to the side of me.

The front cover on the other hand is another matter.  I will use the analogy of a trans person (male to female); I would like the cover to reflect on the outside what is on the inside.  That means both the text and content of the book, and of me.

The words that spring to mind that I want the cover to be are; bold, alive, unafraid, unique, exciting, intriguing, different, consistent, positive, classy and classic – yet with a twist, feminine.  This is a lot to want to try and capture.  Am I being a diva?

Originally I only wanted words on the cover but am willing to be moveable on this for the right image.  From the book the first thing that springs to mind is high heeled shoes – but this screams ‘tranny’ to me.  It seems clichéd.  Although it does capture a lot of the above, perhaps it may be a case of finding the shoe that fits.   So other immediate images which spring to mind are rose petals – and I say petals rather than a rose which could be cheesy. A heart might do it, as it is romantic and indicative of a relationship.

Any ideas you have are welcome.

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7 Responses to Cover story

  1. Madison says:

    As you described the image that came to my
    mind was a tasteful pair of patent heels (something classy) amongst
    scattered red rose petals? Maybe something or nothing either way good luck with this.

    • Thanks for the vote of inspiration.

    • Hi, I read this and thought oohh I like that. Thank you. I have found an image on line that I really want to use, but I have to get permission from the artist. I have been waiting for her reply to my email. In the meant time I have been thinking that I do need a back up. And so thanks to your email I at least had a very fun morning; going out and buying a bunch of roses, coming back and taking photographs of the petals scattered over a pair of heels. Much obliged.

  2. Paula Maddison says:

    Hi Laura .. this is all so exciting! I am learning Flamenco dancing at the moment and your list sounds very much like the idea of the female flamenco dancer .. that intriguing and exciting mix of power and feminity. All the best Paula x

    • Hi, it is all very exciting. I love all things Spanish and flamenco – how great that you are learning it. I can see where you are coming from, but I do want the cover to reflect what is inside the book, and sadly there are is no flamenco dancing.

      Hope you are well

      Lots of love

  3. Lynn Jones says:

    > high heeled shoes

    Cliché or not, how many modern romance (not the band 😉 ) novels have a brooding hero/heroine on the cover and that’s before we even get to space opera and high fantasy 🙂

    A heel? Yes, it is a well loved image, but then it’s also something with a lot of t-folk – from the cross-dressing end of the spectrum – may well identify with…. I know I would. I can’t say it would put me off.

    The rose petals sound a good idea. Would they be raining down, or covering up some other items beneath them? Almost like rose snow in a way, the pink covering up the past. Sorry, I’m getting arty now. 🙂

    • Hi, thanks – all good comments and giving me food for thought.

      I have found an image on line that I really want to use, but I have to get permission from the artist. I have been waiting for her reply to my email.

      Thanks for reading xx

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