I have the challenge of how to identify my book.  At the moment my book has the art work and the title.  But a very good friend pointed out that there is nothing to distinguish it as non fiction, or hint more specifically what it is about.  I think that a strap line will do the trick.  Which leads me to making another brainstorming session.

But I don’t know whether to make it obvious; i.e.  Embracing life with my transgender partner

Or more subtle; A relationship book with a difference

Then there are these; How I found me when I found her
How s(he) helped me find myself

but the former could make it sound as though the ‘love less ordinary’ is a lesbian relationship.

You were all so generous with your ideas on the cover that I was hoping you would let me know your thoughts on this too…

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4 Responses to Strapline

  1. Lynn Jones says:

    “How I learned to stop worrying about everyone else and embraced life with my trans partner” – with apologies to Woody Allen. 🙂

    I’m with you on the second to last comment, it does read that way to me too. “How I found me, when I found he’s sometimes her”?

    The last one, with the brackets (“(s)he”) works well to. I think there’s a bit of cleverness with the brackets suggesting the ‘she’ part is hidden…. which may or may not be true, but there are lots of couples where the trans element is kept away. Funny the things you learn at a social/support group.

  2. Davina says:

    who says men cant dress and express themselves as women?

    wheres the harm in men having a feminine side?

    disspelling the myths of trasngenderism

    all men have a fem side some are brave enough to embrace it

    i found a fem side in the man i love and its helped complete us

    society tries to shape us but love creates us

    i dont know if they are any good but i’m looking forward to reading the book

    • Hi,

      Thanks for these. I actually thought of ‘dispelling the myths of transgenderism’ – or something very similar. Great minds eh?! but it seems a bit heavy and almost academic. The point is to find a strapline which tells you what it is; i.e. a relationship book, but keeping it light hearted – as the book is; although with important messages.

      There are some others in there I like though. I really appreciate it.

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