Strapline thanks

Wow.  It just goes to show how kind and willing to help people are, when you simply ask.

Thank you so much to all of you who sent me stapline ideas.  I now have a list of 13!  There are elements and sentiments that I like in all of them.  My plan is to cut them up and throw all the individual words around, play with them and I will end up with a title that all of you have contributed to.  I rather like that idea and hope none of you will be offended.

When you include the ideas that many of you gave towards the cover image; just think when it is published and you buy a copy (I am being cheeky assuming, and rather hoping you will), you can tell people you contributed to the cover design.  Because even if I don’t use your specific idea, your ideas spark other ideas, and designing the cover has been an organic, growing process.

I hope you find that as thrilling as I do.

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