Letting things settle

Hi all,

Thank you to all of you who have been buying the book.  I hope you enjoyed it.

I have had some wonderful feedback and comments which have validated my whole reason for writing the book.  I always said if I could help just one person it would be worth it.  Well it seems that much of my musings have resonated with several of you who have read it.

Now is the time for action and I should be furiously sending copies off to various magazines, newspapers etc to try and get publicity.  However I feel a little exhausted with the whole thing.  I will bounce back, I know I will, but do feel a little guilty.  I have spent the last few years (whilst working long hours full time) working on the book and then also this year as you know studying the counselling course.  So a little break isn’t a bad thing.

Also with Christmas upon us I am certainly busy enough.  If I am being sensible as we are now only a few weeks away to the festive season, it actually isn’t a sensible time to be sending things off for publicity as they are likely to be overlooked.  The New Year is the way forward I think; with publications starting a fresh and looking for something new.  Thats my excuse and I a sticking to it.

The sales of the book are reported monthly, so I won’t know for a while how well we did in the first month of sales.  If they are exciting I will let you know.  In the mean time I hope you and yours have a lovely Christmas and New Year.

Lots of love



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