Sales slump

Dear all,

Its been a while.  Nothing has really been happening or anything worth posting as a blog.  Although we seem to have been having a very busy social calender in recent weekends, which is nice.

I am posting now as I have had a rather disappointing update on the sales of my book.   I am also not altogether sure I believe they are correct either.  I know that sounds big headed but  it is purely from emails I have had from people telling me they have bought and read the book, with some comment.

Obviously if you haven’t bought it already it would be great if you could, to help lift sales, and recommends would be good too.  But if you have bought the book I wonder if you could drop me a line if you purchased it from January – March and let me know if it  was on Kindle or paperback.

Sorry I have nothing more exciting or juice gossip to share at the moment.  Would love to hear from you all the same.

Lots of love for now


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8 Responses to Sales slump

  1. Rebecca says:

    I bought a copy on Amazon. Read it within days as well

  2. Lynn Jones says:

    Sorry, but I can’t remember if I bought it then or earlier (assuming it didn’t come out then 🙂 ).

    Bad news about the sales, but it’s a tricky thing marketing a book. Have you thought about visiting a few support groups at all? You said you’ve got Sparkle covered, although there are a lot of folk who don’t go and would a signed copy be of more interest? Just a thought.

    PS: I have blogged about this, but no-one’s really picked up on the fact it was a good read. Good luck, though!

  3. Lynn Jones says:

    Oh. Have you tried getting BiLibrary Book Lust (blog) or T-Central (blog list) in on the act? Maybe a short interview and why you did it.

  4. Sorry, early adopter. Bought it in November. On the upside, I have read it and I absolutely loved it! You talk so honestly and articulately. I really never realised that there were women in the world like you. The book provided such refreshing views looking at old firm held beliefs in a very different way. Such a shame it’s not selling more, because it is an awesome read. Thank you.

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