The gaps between me writing to you seem to keep getting bigger and longer – must try harder.

I keep getting asked by friends and family ‘how’s the book going?’  Sales wise – appallingly.  Achieving the dream – big tick of success.  I have fulfilled the ambition of publishing a book.   As you know, I said all along if it helped just one person it was worth all the hard work.  Well help one person at least it has.  Many more in fact.  I continue to receive emails that make me cry with pride of how my humble book has touched someone’s life.  It is so immensely powerful.

The thought has just occurred to me that I am simply ‘paying it forward’.  When I read Helen Boyds book that is exactly what happened to me – her book was the spark that started me writing mine.  So when I get emails saying ‘you have inspired me to…’ it’s all about making the world continue to spin.

We have been to a few transgender evenings out recently.  Glitzy Girls in Bristol, and we checked out the new venue for the Way Out club – excellent by the way!  These have reminded me what a warm and friendly bunch we are in the transgender scene.  Especially Bristol – my god never met such warm and open people, I should get out of London more often.

Just thought I would dust off the cobwebs and write to you all, share the feel good factor I am feeling on this (finally!) bright and sunny summers day.

Have a great weekend all. xx



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2 Responses to Musings

  1. Sandra says:

    Will your book be available on iBooks anytime soon?

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