Hello all you lovely strangers

Every now and again I get an email pop into my in-box, telling me someone new has joined my blog.  I think to myself, ‘they’ll be disappointed!’ 

Yes it has been a very, very long time my amigos.  No excuses really just that little matter of a full time job, studying to re-train to be a counsellor, etc etc – other that that I have all the time in the world!! 

However I am prompted to write thanks to a reader of my book, who sent me a beautiful, heartfelt email.  Apparently my book gets better on a second reading – so could you all please buy a second copy! : ) 

I have been really been tested of late, in a very difficult situation involving many parties, and one paramount person whose  care needed to be taken into account above all others..disagreements shall we say.  Many may have walked away leaving a mess behind them. I have had cause to dig deep and remind myself who I am and what is important to me, such has my confidence been shaken by this experience.  I have had to remind myself that I do always try and act with integrity, honourability, and professionalism.  The thought of others thinking of me in a way that does not reflect who I am and how I want to be perceived is uncomfortable….

…and then I get an email, a beautiful and heartfelt email, from someone who had re-read my book, and said the second reading had helped them.  I received the email a while ago actually and didn’t have time to reply.  Then today, ironically, I re-read their email, and it helped me.  It put the above into context, my situation is easier to resolve than many of yours.

I will end this post with the message I gave them.  The person who you spend every minute, of every day, of every year of your life, is you.  – so you had better damb well get on with yourself, and not be someone anyone else expects you to be.

I hope not to leave it so long again – someone else email me, be my muse!



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