My Book

What’s it about…

“… we all lose ourselves  amongst the constant expectations that modern life throws at us…”

This is my story of having woken up, I realised I was not living my life for me.  It’s about the perspective I’ve gained of what a healthy relationship can and should be. My relationship just happens to be with someone who identifies as transgender. 

It is about how I realised if transgender people can find the strength to be open with the world about who they are, considering all the challenges this presents, couldn’t we all find the courage to be honest with the world about who we really are?

The heart and essence of this book is about more than being the partner of someone who is transgender. It’s about learning to be true to yourself. To love yourself and live the life that you want.  To be free – truly free – as the person you are meant to be.

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About me as the author  I was inspired to write my book when I couldn’t find any published literature from women in a relationship with a transgender woman, that resonated with my positive experience.  I wrote it on a mini pink laptop on the London underground during my commute.  I hope to help others understand, accept and integrate transgender people into society.

I have built a relationship with the charity GIRES (Gender Identity Research Education Society) and with my partner supported the delivery of workshops and seminars in partnership with the charity.

I have a degree in English & Cultural Studies and Sociology, and wrote my dissertation on; ‘Crisis of Masculinity in the 20th Century’, with a sociological and cultural analysis of LGBT identity issues.

I am a qualified counsellor registered with the BACP (British Associate of Counselling and Psychotherapists) and see clients in my private practice

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