Post-it mayhem

I have spent the majority of my day slowly building a fortress of different coloured post-it notes around me; brain storming ideas.

It’s all good, there are things a plenty going on my end.  So I thought I’d give you a flurried update, as I know it has been all quiet on the eastern front recently. (I know its ‘western front’, but I live East London).

I have had my first cheque for sales of the book!!  Well banking internet transfer – in this modern world we live in. Very small amount, but big achievement and something to celebrate.  This payment was only for December’s sales and book sales seem to have picked up when I look at them on my Amazon ‘author central’ account.  There is now a advertisement banner on TVChixs (keep an eye out for it).  This seems to have co-incided with the pick up in sales, so I can’t help feel there’s a link there.

I met with a media student a few weeks back, looking to compile radio interviews with transgender people (and their SO’s), for her dissertation.  This was very interesting.

I have secured an advert in this years Sparkle guide. I had idea’s of grandeur at one point and wanted a stall in the park to sell millions (yeah right!) of copies of my book.  The stall itself is actually a very good price, but when you add up all the promotional materials I would have to have designed and printed to make the stall look descent, hotel and travel costs, food/drink etc – its a small fortune.  I know I am being a stick in the mud but we are saving up for our big South Africa trip this year in October and you can’t have everything.  I digress; part of the post-it note activity was to brain storm ideas for the advert which I can then give to my printers.

My most exciting success is that I have been asked to be a speaker at an inspirational speaking event run by an organization called All Ears.  This is the other part of the post-it note activity.  I need to speak for 15 minutes and need to compile an initial synopsis of what I intend to talk about to pass on to the organizers.  The event was originally expected to be in April, but now may be pushed back to June.  I will let you know details nearer the time if any of you want to come along.

Anyway I have been a busy bunny and it feels good.  So best get back to it.

Have a great weekend, lots of love



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