I know its been ages since I posted last.  You may remember me telling you that I had been asked to be a speaker at an evening event of inspirational speakers.

After much preparation and nerves I gave a performance that I am proud of.   It was an amazing experience.  I wasn’t expecting to but I actually really enjoyed it in the end.  The response I got was incredible.  Everyone gave me really heartfelt compliments which were really inspiring.  I was walking on air for days after.

So get your self a cup of tea and settle in and watch my talk.  Its about 12 minutes followed by questions and answers.

Enjoy and let me know what you think…



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2 Responses to Honestly speaking

  1. Lynn Jones says:

    Wow. That’s very impressive. It takes real guts (rather than the fake ones you can get on-line 🙂 ) to stand up and talk like that. Well done!

    • Hi,

      Thanks hon. Yes it did take rather a lot of guts, and hours of writing the content, and practicing again and again – so hard work basically. Afterwards in the break people came up to me and said how calm, a relaxed a speaker I was, didn’t seem nervous etc. My response was “I’m like a duck – above water it all looks calm, but it is all going on underneath.”

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