Progress report

I am very excited today.  I have reviewed where I am so far with writing the book.

Let me explain my process first.  I will complete what I call 3 stages for writing each chapter; ‘dump,’ where I write all the content I want, as I have planned it for the chapter, ‘refine’, where I will go back, read, review, maybe move content around a little, regig, tweak, etc, etc and ‘perfect’,  proof it for spelling, grammar, ect.  This will by no means be the finished product as I will then have to give it to someone to proof, to repeat the ‘perfect’ stage, as a fresh pair of eyes, before I can start sending it to publishers. 

 Today I have had a count up of where I am with my ‘dump’ of chapters.  Everything is potentially up for change, but at the moment there will be 8 chapters.  I have competed a ‘dump’ – first draft of 5 chapters and started a 6th, completing about a 1/4 . 

The chapters, at the moment are called; ‘Wake up’, ‘Here comes the science bit,’ ‘who’s looking at you kid?’, ‘Who am I?’, ‘Life, Love and Everything else,’ and ‘Let’s get physical’.  The chapters I have not stated are; ‘who’s that girl’ and ‘Coming out.’

Well let me tell you, I have typed a grand total of 34,602 words!!! This amounts to approximately 104 pages of an average size paperback.

A lot of the time I spend writing my book is on the tube.  I have an hour’s journey to work on the central line, I travel nearly the full distance of the line.  So I utilise my journey by spending the time writing.  If you read my blog and travel on the tube look out for me.  I type on a very girly pink mini laptop, from 5pm, Monday to Thursday.  Hey, a girls gotta have a day off : )

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