Fortune cookie friends

While I was away on my trip – yes you will be hearing about it for a while yet.  Hey! You’re lucky you are not subjected to the slide show of photo’s like Princess was.  I digress. 

One day on my trip we had a delicious Chinese meal.  When they bought the bill they also bought fortune cookies.  Mine was so lovely that I vowed to always keep it in my purse.  It was this;  “You will always be surrounded by true friends.”  Only one week back in blighty on a Saturday night out with two friends I have not seen in a while, it has already been proved to be apt.

One friend asked how the book was coming along, and the other asked me what it was about.  I thought there wasn’t a person in the universe who knows me who didn’t by now know that I am in a trans relationship , but I don’t make a point of purposefully telling people unless it comes up in conversation, and it clearly hadn’t yet with this old friend, who I only get to see once, perhaps twice a year.

She was taken aback when I explained, but not in a negative way (I have never come across anyone who has).  She struggle to decide what she would do and like a game of furvent of tennis batted back and forth whether it was something she could handle, with reasons of “if you love the person..” “but then again…” 

She did recognise that being trans is part of who the person is and argued if you love the person, how can you not accept this part of who they are.  I challenged her.  I said “what if you were sitting in this restaurant with your partner opposite you in a dress and make-up, and the people on the table next to you are looking?”  I said I don’t care about these situations; I am not embarrassed, I am proud of Princess, but I don’t blame any woman who feels she cannot stay in the relationship.   Both friends expressed how lucky Princess is to have me as a partner.  

In the end the friend who hadn’t known, concluded one thing very clearly; that she had a new found respect for me.   Now if you are in this formidable woman’s inner circle of friends, you know you are respected anyway.  It was touching, it was nice to hear, but she didn’t have to say the words, I could see that she was impressed even.

This friend is extremely perceptive and intuitive, she looked at me and said, “but you are lucky too, because he clearly accepts you and gives you the freedom to be yourself, just as much as you do him.”  I knew there was a reason I love my friends and they are certainly true.

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