This is Where

I have just learned about a fantastic community art project letting people share their memories of places special to them.  People have a blank sticker like the above and stick it somewhere important to them and write a message to others, for example on a tree under which you had your first kiss.

This person obviously stuck it on a place where they came out to someone as trans.  However I randomly found this on line, not knowing anything about the project, and found it very poignant.

I read this and started to consider the person behind it.  How terrified must they have been before sharing this with another person, that when they did it made them feel something as humble as ‘human’?  Does this mean that their fear was so great that they worried people would think them subhuman?

It gave me an idea for a twist on the project though; maybe trans people could use the sticker to place it at venues which they have found trans friendly.

Check out the link and start a new revolution…

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