Its all go…

I have just had an amazing day.  I am very lucky to have had two wonderful friends and Nicci help me have a great experience today with a photo shoot to get some pic’s for the cover of the book, and hopefully some publicity shots in the bag to boot.

This week I have; had many productive emails back and forth with the publisher, come up with a mock design for the front cover, written the blub for the back of the book, written acknowledgements, been the to the printers reviewing the Angel and Princess logo to incorporate the book title ‘A love less ordinary’ more predominantly.

After all this fun I now have the task of choosing just one photo from about a thousand taken!

So I’ll drop you a line with another update as soon as I can find time, which will be a challenge as I am back to work next week, after a very productive week off, with a little time to enjoy the beautiful weather we have had this week too, of course.


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